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Default Re: Where are the SAFE PLACES??


I have seen what you have seen in cali. Once so prosperous with the silicone chip and wine and tourism... how many hotels and businesses and malls have closed? What are the youth like? Education?

Howse that heroin that they are replacing the cocaine with? They didn't pick Afghan just for the pipeline and the strategic positioning - best Opium in the world! Opium makes heroin I think??? Black Ops and funding??? Drugs ???

What hits California spreads... scary thought when you think of SKAG! Crack kills the market off too quick - with Skag they live longer to buy more - that's their reasoning, not mine. Sick. Ever seen a kid with track marks up their arms? It's not a pretty sight. Then somehow she gets the bright spark idea to sell her ass to support her habit. Welcome to the Californian nightmare, oops I meant Dream.
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