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Default Re: People are dieing, and we are almost oblivious

LaDominio wrote:
What I'm writing about is frivolous?
Yes, here is an example.

Well, LaDomino, that speaks volumes about who and what you are.

Really? LaDomino, blatant poisoning?

And, you insert this in your comment for what reason?

Just a tidbit of information you think I should know.

Like I don't that our FOOD and WATER supply is tainted.

Like I haven't written about this.

Tell ME SOMETHING I don't know.

In Peace,
This is an example of what?

You responded to something I responded to you about something you responded to me... and indicated what I'm writing about is frivilous with respect to Mind Control.

Because you think that the response I gave you is frivilous, we can assume that your post that I responded to is frivilous as well.

As stated, I'm not here to speak to you. I'm here regarding criminal matters perpetrated upon me and thousands of others by the CIA. I'm also here regarding abuse I suffered under the control of a very famous musician while incarcerated in MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

You, on the otherhand serve no purpose here other than to try to communicate with me about NOTHING.

This is a forum for exposing the NWO, etc. and I haven't seen you yet post anything with respect to this other than some entities you say control the Illuminati, have dark eyes and glide across the floor.

You're like a little knat who just keeps coming back until the hand finally swats it away forever.

We are at that point. There is no reason to speak to you. If you desire to speak in circles, find someone else.

In Peace,
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