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Default Re: U2 Bono Backing Venezuela-Invasion Video Game

I donít 'want' anything.

Make nice? My words were leaning more towards Universal Acceptance and freedom from ego.

I donít 'prefer' anything.

Overly supportive meaning zealous agreement without intellectual reasoning.

I can tell you most people will only support when it suites them. It is a rare one who is selfless in the caring way and has the correct knowing to make it work Ė that is, that we as people can only help each other to a point. Beyond this point it is no longer our responsibility, and much error can arise. Most people try to help too much and too far. This is why we see so many expressions and forms of dependency.
It is because we live in a world where each person feels alone on an internal level and wants to connect on an illusory (but believed to be true) level that is just the same as their fear of illusory isolation. In truth Ė we are never alone and always alone. We are everything and nothing. But as we are all alive, we are never without loving company.
Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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