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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

Peace MrOtis,

I didn't claim that Jesus was not crucified!, a message from God to all humanity say that God raised his soul to Him (saved him) just before the torture began.

How could you think for a minute that God won't save the faithful!


I am sure that the hypocrites soon worshipped him as a god, same like the corrupt muslims did with Muhammad!, the Nicene conference though settled the disagreement on this crucial point and made it mandatory on every christian to worship Jesus as a god.


Peace Billiard,

you said: "i agree that folks on this site have probably done sufficient thoughtful research and believe what they do and won't be swayed ."

I think it's better if we leave everybody to express his thoughts on his own!

you said: "i wish you would tone down your religious rhetoric a bit . have you gotten any converts here ? no . and you probably won't but what you will do is annoy people with your proselytizing ."

Again speak only for yourself please.


Peace marypopinz,

You said: "when I see I sight you have posted, I generally don't read it as I have quickly learned to expect endless quotations for the Quran."

Well, that was my advice, i am glad you listened.
If you don't want to hear the words of your Lord, nobody can force you!


Peace Konock2u,

You said: "If I am going to believe something of such great importance, my belief will have to come from provable facts and deductive reasoning as well as verification of the facts within my own life."

If you really need a physical proof, check this link:

You said: "I haven't experienced any force that can make me do wrong or any force that can make me do right other than my own will."

God gave you the freedom of choice ONLY. This means that your force is limited to CHOOSING, we get righteous inspirations from God (all the FREE, good thoughts), and we also get evil whispers from Satan (all the bad, DRIVEN thoughts), ultimately it's your call, however no choice can materialize except if God allows it to.

By the way, who created you?
God\'s alternative, USN

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