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Default Re: Fighting the fight!

we all must questions things, not just stop in our tracks because someone is ridiculing us about conspiracy, ridicule is used to get you to stop, DON'T stop--start in your own home, talk to your kids, and you husbands-talk to your wives, --
take it from there and discuss with your relatives, and carry this out in your community through your local forums, reps, and so forth.
doesn't matter if you're religious or not, doesn't matter if your black or white, it doesn't matter whether you have a Ph.D, you need to questions things. when in your heart and soul, if you feel something isn't right--go and ask, seek with all your strength the truth that dwells among us and is HIDDEN, write to your representative. numbers are important to this country. stop thinking that its too late. stop buying those pop records/dvds, stop going to movies, stop going to disneyworld, stop buying the 'next big thing'. get out and show concern for you, your family and their future. be the best at work, but be asked to be treated fairly for your work. they need you TOO! don't buy the most expensive jeans, buy what you need so you are not naked. if ya don't need anymore junk in your house -- so stop buying stuff. some need to pay for storage to store their stuff. why so much stuff?? where are you gonna take it?
why are we bent on showing that we are gonna buy buy buy??? example: 33 year old male physical therapist, $80,000 year, $750.00/apartment, new car almost paid for, no drugs, no alcohol, non smoker, single and NO MONEY in the bank. but look around his home and ya see all his stuff: the best grade computer and stereos, and whatever, expensive over-indulged STUFF. look people, ya need to take the knowledge you already have of the NWO and try to start changing things. instead of feeding yourself the next book, video etc on the NWO, WELL--don't you know enough already. gee people what are we doing to ourselves?????????????? SPEAK UP, BUT TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE, AND DON'T BACK DOWN. how do you think these secret societies got started??
let them be your example and then clobber them!!
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