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Default Re: Barbara Hartwell Part 3: The Jane Fonda Legacy

IGWT said:

"That's putting it politely."

"Ofcourse, we mustn't forget, that BlueAngel whom isn't Barbara - yet replies as if she is - was involved in CIA/MKULTRA until the late '90's, yet has been happily married 25 plus years."

"The story doesn't add up."

Yes, you must not forget that I never replied to anyone as if I were Barbara. I merely pointed out George_Bush's failed "covert" operation using mind control tactics.

I also told George that he was on the wrong site.

Pointed how he must be delusional to be speaking to Barbara here.

Advised him that she must have her own site and that he could email her there as he awaited her detailed information at the lodge.

No defense needed.

It is I who does not lack credibility.

It is YOU who does.

You have all revealed yourselves in an excellent manner.

You should KNOW, I've been married since 1982 and, therefore, no defense is needed against this ridiculous Hartwell accusation.

We could both stand in the same room together, if need be. But, it won't be needed.

Everything WE need, we have and more.

It is YOUR story that doesn't add up.

You have been OUTTED.

Anything you say is null and void.

Try as you might, but it changes NOTHING!

Perhaps my husband will post the next response.

In Peace,
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