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Default Re: Barbara Hartwell Part 3: The Jane Fonda Legacy

Let's see.

What is going on here with their futile attempts in trying to convince ME that I'm Barbara Hartwell.

I mean, WE know that I'm not. It can be proven that I'm not.

So, what would be the purpose?

Must be they know of some disinformation that was implanted and they're trying desperately to call it up.

That is the only reasonable conclusion.

As I stated before even if they were successful, it can be proven otherwise.

Does Barbara Hartwell's past involve being used in the music industry as a sex slave?

Does Barbara Hartwell's past include being handled and controlled, abused by a very famous musician?

They have failed again.

So, IGWT, gee, one minute you were my buddy and the next you're not.

What's up with that?

Oh, yes, I remembered not to FORGET, you were involved in the "covert" operation with The Devil to trigger BETA programming.

They come as sheep dressed in wolves' clothing.

So transparent for all to see!

Desperate men seek desperate measures.

In Peace,
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