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nohope187 wrote:
Consider this, your average joe who wakes up to NWO says,"Oh shit, what can I do?" and they really don't know where to start in the first place so, buying someone elses material and passing it out seems like the easiest thing to do since most people lack creativity, ingenuity and originality to come up with there own. Plus, why make something of your own which would probably be of lesser quality and doesn't get the message across as well as someone who already has the info all together and neatly packaged and well presented? :-?
who are you, man?? ya don't fool me. "lesser quality" when ya make your own. listen man, how do ya think these secret societies got started?? why are ya pushing the idea of buying these expensive books and dvd's?? that's what THEY are selling now that they've made enough off of us for several decades in the first place, and we are still in their game. i've read your posts. i can see the two edged sword. you and several others who come into this clubconspiracy are just getting your rocks off. you are not serious NWO-concerned people, ya sway with the wind. in one of the threads where the poster wanted to discuss the chrysler/ram truck symbol--ya immediately disagreed, WHY? the guy had a legimate question about imagery in our society. ya said ya would actually have to see Baphomet to get the message. so in other words-- ya don't believe when one sees the 'red flag'? or when their intuition tells them that something is wrong? or when the media and advertizers shove things in our face like we're stupid?
you don't fool me, you're a college student????no college student (yeah, right) (and I take it you are not late teens, early twenties) is gonna flip burgers, there are more suitable jobs available. you are not that average joe that you are trying to project. you said earlier that you come from a masonic background. i bet ya do. and still do. ya know a lot -- i give ya that. but then ya try to play the average "i don't know" guy. eat them apples and get the stuff out (bs). and for those of you too afraid to speak up against these type of people, then you don't need me and the hundreds of thousands of people that "are" listening and learning on how to go about for establishing a country that takes care of our own in partnership NOT domination. some of the more concerned and perhaps older guys that come into this forum are right: "get off your asses".
Good bye and good ridence, with friends like you who needs enemies. Mr. Makow, I hope and pray that you are a good man, with concerns for this world. I've raised two sons, and two daughters and we do our part in informing those that have concerns without the bs. And we don't charge anything for talking to our fellow man. If and when I decide to right a book, it will be for entertainment, however, many people with NWO books out there are entertaining the masses of ignorant joe's, and in return laughing to the bank in their mercedes.
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