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redrat11 wrote:
You can too!!!

Just ignore BA!!

If you fall for the RUBBISH from BA, COLD, IGWT, G. BUSH, ect,, ad infinitum, ( at this point even SEC rubbish is tolerable) WE HAVE WON!!!!!

They have no foundation!!

Keep up the good work!!

I'll keep the A-Holes GUESSING, remember they're RETARDED!!!! for this Dominio, dont talk!! 8-)

They can only last until their HANDLERS run out of money, which is quick on web-sites-just patience thats all!!!!!!! :-o
Sorry, but I'm not being handled. That is the problem, is it not?

And, you're trying to distance yourself from connections to the names you have listed, excluding mine.

Nice try.

In Peace,

Whose rubbish should they listen to you? Yours????

I wonder what brings you back. Your last words were "see you in a few months, BA."

Look who responds to RedRat?

Those with whom he has an alliance.
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