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Default Re: Suggestions for this site

Yes get_real, I just sent Henry:

Hi Henry,

I was just looking at the 'Getting to know each other' thread, and was very impressed with the depth and variety of people out there willing to visit the site.

While I was reading a recent poster who was supporting my side of a discussion it got me thinking of what a forum is about, what it can be. I'm looking for new information, and any information is always new to somebody. And with a forum, people can weigh in with useful details that can either flesh out a theory or go towards disproving it. I think this site is still working towards that, and I think a plethora of HEADINGS might just help get a variety of people contributing when they come up with something we should know about.

We tend to get dead topics perhaps because visitors don't feel people want to discuss this or that. I know in theory that anyone can start a topic or revive a dead one easily but there is a lack of participation from 'viewers', and my interest is waning because of it. For you out there who don't have a burning desire to be instantly published - if you see a post that gets instantly answered with "that's crap" or "that's good" the discussion is NOT over. We want to hear your view, and try not to let either the authoritative or loud posters dissuade you. Those who do post, do it to get the ball rolling, we're not going to do it forever (hopefully) :-)

Henry, when you have time, try introducing some discussion headings like feminism or banking for example, and more will be suggested undoubtedly.

Back to forums, from what I have seen, lively discussions are usually the result of a differing of opinion, and often forums can degenerate into petty bitch-fests because of that. On this site you would think most people are on the same page, but of course that's not the case. As much as any of us would not like to admit it, having to prove your case to a complete idiot often forces us to come up with better arguments.

Personally I want to hear from the viewers, you don't have to comment on what the heavies are barking about but put your two cents somewhere on the site, where your concerns hit home. Contribute once a month if that's your style, but if we only hear from the same handful of people on a regular basis this site might some day crash from disinterest.
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