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Default Re: Report Troublesome Agitators...

redrat11 wrote:
Look here people, there is a REPORT button, and also a e-mail to address your complaints to the "administrator" this if you feel the obvious AGITATOR (paid by the way) is disruptive of this forum, although BA, and her co-herts probably have rerouted that function .

Note: she/he is entirely sociopathic in response. incapable of dialogue on the human level. She/He commands the attention of all by 'blistering the board with her babble, then expects no-one to challenge her non-sensical rubbish, this is totally in-line with her handlers plan of control and mis-info...

what will Henry do? we shall see...
You are delusional to say I expect no one to challenge me.

I've been challenged and I've proven that I'm more than capable to meet and exceed the challenge. Therein lies ONE of your problems.

Who are you talking to anyway about reporting me?

The Devil, Shadow, your co-horts?

Excuse me, but since I am of SOUND MIND, I wonder why this thread is not about reporting The Devil, IGWT, Shadow, etc.?

WE know why.

I have proven I am capable of dialogue and that is why you want me to leave this board.

It also has much to do with the "Mind Control Within the Music Industry Thread?"

Are you a musician?

You don't know me. But you alledge I am being paid.

I'm not being paid. However, Ozzie did make an offer of money for my silence.

And, you RedRat want me gone because you want me silenced as well.

That, I can assure you will NEVER happen.

I have a couple of threads here in which I post, it is you and your co-horts who can't seem to keep my name out of the other threads or who can't seem to stop yourself from starting threads about me.

Obviously, I'm not being handled. Again, therein lies the problem.

I was being handled and abused while on my handler/controller's site.

I have written about that in the Music Industry thread, RedRat.

Why don't you go take a peek?

Yes, report me. My goodness, afterall it is I who was abused and tortured in a "satanic cult," of which Henry is aware exists.

In Peace,
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