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Default Re: Report Troublesome Agitators...


Enough of your childish Psycho-Babble Ba! Has it ever occurred to you that the world does'nt revolve around you? You have accused me of all sorts of accusations on this forum it's really not Funny!

Do you, Or can you let other people present their viewpionts without interjecting your MK-Ultra Rubbish? I think not! You are in desperate need of ATTENTION!

I try not to post here because of the obvious sociopaths who linger here, but it is YOU, and You alone who currently resides on this forum, as if you OWN the damm place, Can't you see your in need of mental-help? SEEK IT!

And by the way, I have read your threads on the Mind-Control/Music Industry, and I have responded accordingly! :roll:
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