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Default Re: Report Troublesome Agitators...

redrat11 wrote:

Enough of your childish Psycho-Babble Ba! Has it ever occurred to you that the world does'nt revolve around you? You have accused me of all sorts of accusations on this forum it's really not Funny!

Do you, Or can you let other people present their viewpionts without interjecting your MK-Ultra Rubbish? I think not! You are in desperate need of ATTENTION!

I try not to post here because of the obvious sociopaths who linger here, but it is YOU, and You alone who currently resides on this forum, as if you OWN the damm place, Can't you see your in need of mental-help? SEEK IT!

And by the way, I have read your threads on the Mind-Control/Music Industry, and I have responded accordingly! :roll:

I know the world doesn't revolve around me. Has it ever occurred to you that the WORLD doesn't revolve around you?

What I write isn't childish nor is it babble. That would be the majority of the others who post here.

What have I accused you of being?

Seems to me, it's the opposite. IS this another delusional episode occurring here?

You consider MKULTRA rubbish, do you? That's very telling.

Then why are you here?

Can you ever post a thread without interjecting my name or start a thread without interjecting my name?

Obvious sociopaths would not include me. Apparently, you are not TRYING hard enough not to post here. Try harder. I'm sure you're capable of killing time elsewhere.

Maybe the musician who was my past controller/handler could use some more like you over on his site.

The desperate need of attention you say I seek is negative. It is derived from the fact that you and others cause the attention to become focused on me.

It is not I.

I have several threads that I post in, but for OBVIOUS reasons, people just can't seem to stay out of them; although they have no interest whatsover in MKULTRA, or any of the other intelligence/knowledge I am writing about. They can't seem to stop starting threads about me. Threatening to report me and/or spamming every thread on the forum.

Gee, I wonder why? Must be that I have a problem, eh, RedRat?

Or, must be they have a problem with me? I think that would be more appropriate.

Who was it that has been gone for a while. Comes back and starts two threads about me?

That was you, RedRat?

Are you having memory problems?

I think you need to take a chill pill. I detect alot of RAGE building up inside.

Or, take a break from the forum, because obviously you don't have anything to add other than bringing attention to me and then accusing me of seeking attention.

The desperate need of attention was HIM. Not I. Never enough. Starved for it. Had to be the "center of attention always."


I'm not in need of any medical help. I'm healthy as a horse mentally, physically and emotionally. If I weren't my husband is here to help me, but I am capable of helping myself.

I would suggest you seek MEDICAL attention as soon as possible. You know, nip it in the bud, so to speak.

I don't take orders. So commanding ENOUGH will not be followed.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe I do own this place.

In Peace,
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