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Default Re: Report Troublesome Agitators...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum,

In all seriousness, there are many topics that we need to discuss. This board was designed for information sharing and intellectual discussion among mostly gen-Xers and Yers about realistic protocols for breaking free of the SOCIAL MATRIX contrived by the O.I.

This liberation is actually quite possible. If we REVOLT THE CURRENCY, we will CHANGE THE CURRENT. It involves spotlighting and drawing forth the HIDDEN POWERS of the manufactured symbols in building, billboards, packaging, neon lighting, and foremost, TELEVISION.

If we can RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS of our environment, though shocking at first, we may train our minds to adapt and the shock effect of Big Brother shall fade. This is especially true if one does PERSONAL CHRISTIAN RITUAL of PRAYER and SYMBOLIC MEDITATION.

I personally can show you some techniques for BUILDING HIERUSALEM within yourselves. You will literally be able to be in HEAVEN ON EARTH, and you will actually be a TRANSDIMENSIONAL BEING.

This is actually what the book of REVELATION is designed to bring about in Christians.

All these things are possible for this generation, but first I think that this board seriously needs to consider BURNING BLUEANGEL AT THE STAKE (i.e., banning her from the forum)

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