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Default Re: Suggestions for this site

There are those that stumble upon this site and just read as 'guests'. They don't want to actually register. The handful of posters here are kind of familiar with each other now, and are looking for some "new" people to show up.
Nothing wrong with that I suppose. But those that do come in as peepers only, should get themselves a free "fictitious name" email address and then register with CC and just come on in here!! I enjoy reading the posts, and the people here have made me aware of what is going on elsewhere other than the US of A. We all know about Irag/Iran/Current Events, but when someone talks about their own homeland, county, region, city and the crap that might be going on there, it makes one feel that there are plenty of people that can make a change because of their own experience, awareness. I feel that there can be a change for the betterment of all people, and I believe we can speak out against this NWO. Am I a dreamer??????????????????????/
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