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Default Re: Report Troublesome Agitators...

redrat11 wrote:
Look here people, there is a REPORT button, and also a e-mail to address your complaints to the "administrator" this if you feel the obvious AGITATOR (paid by the way) is disruptive of this forum, although BA, and her co-herts probably have rerouted that function .

Note: she/he is entirely sociopathic in response. incapable of dialogue on the human level. She/He commands the attention of all by 'blistering the board with her babble, then expects no-one to challenge her non-sensical rubbish, this is totally in-line with her handlers plan of control and mis-info...

what will Henry do? we shall see...
You don't know me and you have the audacity to state as fact that I'm being paid.

What liars?? Just as I thought!

In Peace,
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