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I have been on holidays. I would love to move here but to expensive.
8-) Wotchya Brendon! Did you enjoy your trip to Israel? Did you manage to pay a visit to the main Synagogue in Tel Aviv?

Don't be silly. Tel Aviv isn't that expensive. Jerusalem is a bit pricey but you could always join a Kibbutz if you are low on Schekels.

'True Believer' is a fraud folks. 'Brendon' is actually a woman - a Jewish woman. This is a screenshot of 'his' profile from where 'he' posts under the name of DonnieDarko.

The email addy that 'he' uses on this forum is confirmed here.

TrueBeliever is Donnie Darko under another name. TrueBeliever.......the white supremacist. What a joke. A Zionist Jew who is also a Nazi.

'Brendon' also used the DonnieDarko handle when 'he' posted at Liberty Forum. I say 'used' as 'Brendon' is no longer welcome over there. They banned 'him' for making threats of violence against another member.

'Brendon' says that 'his' name is Donnie Darko and that he is a recovering 'Zionist denier.' I say that 'Brendon' is full of crap.

Read this..............

After 2 years of long and bitter struggle I have finally arrived.

I am sorry to SKUNK and several others here who i bagged for their overt paranoia about just what it is we are facing here. I am a fairly decent fellow and admitting that their exists a multi generational conspiricy to enslave mankind by people little better than a sadistic paedophile ring is REALLY hard to finally admit.

No, it aint the King of Spain, the Illuminati, Freemasons, bankers, German death cults. It is a ...oh my gawd i'm going to say it...yes, yes, here it comes...

It's a Jewish Plot.

There I said it. All roads lead to a Judaic Death Cult that has hung together for over 2000 years. A Cult so insane and totally brainwashed it has embedded in it's ideology racism, biggotry, child sex and psychopathic hatred of ordinary human beings.

I will do my best to wrest decent humans out of this Satanic run death squad of MASSIVE financial and manpower means.

How did I finally make the "leap" and stop bending and twisting in the wind performing all sorts of intellectual gymnastics? I read a book. It's called "Predators: Peadophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders". By Anna. C. Salter. I felt so sick after reading it I wanted to throw up. The cold and callous nature of people who rape children for kicks. Who pack rape 9 year old girls in a dark forest and rip her anus apart...and guess who did it with his mates? Her father (cant believe it can you). People who will mark a child for rape and torture and finally death and plan it for weeks...coldly carrying it out. These people brag about the THOUSANDS of kids they've raped and done worse too. They claim they will never stop and "nice" people just keep believing these demonic spawns of hell will pass to the light with just another bit of therapy and hugs. If ONLY their mothers had hugged them more!

3 hours after putting that book down and locking all my windows it just hit me like a ton of bricks. We are dealing with a bunch of cold, child raping killers with access to the money supply and a highly disciplined army of 20 million psychopaths who are indoctrinated into believing all else are common cattle. Follow this with a hundred million more "useful idiots" sold out for power and profit and finally the poor dumb cattle...waiting patiently for the slaughter house.

I am immensely proud to have finally cracked it both intellectually and emotionally. My heart has linked with my head and I now know EXACTLY who and what I am dealing with. They may well indeed be shape shifting lizards as it is hard to believe they are human.

So, in closing...apolagies to those I have scoffed at with my rightous and pious proclamations and straight out aint just a river in Egypt. Thanx also to ROTTONJOHN who i got fatally pissed with last weekend...he may be a heathan and under read piss head but he has read the right books and talked to the right people and come to the right conclusions well before me.

To the scum heading down under...fuck you and the dog you road in on. If I can work it out you are in real trouble.

Brendon O'Connell
Above text found here :-D.

'He' believes in David Icke's shape-shifting lizards. 'He' buys Icke's video's but attacks another poster on NOLAJBS because he has a great deal of respect for David Icke. are a liar, a trouble-maker, a troll and and a fraud. DonnieDarko is a Zionist shill.

Beware of this woman. This 'man' is a Jewish woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Spread the word.
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