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Default Re: Crypto/Masonic Jews

BlueAngel wrote:
Again, it's BlueAngel.

You have been OUTTED as a manipulator, in League with the Devil, a liar and using mind control tactics on this site.

You have no credibility.

In Peace,
"Home away from Home" does have a valid point. Why do so many sites display these symbols? Is it an attempt to display clever pseudo reverse phsychology? If it is then it lacks insight into the very phenomena that most of these sites claim to expose, namely subliminal messages and mind manipulation through the technique of symbology. What's wrong with displaying images of lanscapes and the diverse beauty of creation in general that your God designed and put into place as opposed to the symbols and dark imagery that the Devil you claim "Home away from Home" is "in League with" would favour. Lots of "Luciferian" confusion here it seems. Peace too.
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