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Default Death of the internet

I was setting up a new computer for a friend last night. I put in a new CD burner so I needed to set up a CD player. Put in a CD. No sound. More interesting was the "Connect to the internet" message to find the album. Duh! I have the dam CD in the drive, what in God's name do I need the internet for!
Well I'll tell you. They want to get people used to being married to the internet so they can check up on you, period. In time your personal computer will not be your personal computer. It will simply be a survellance tool. The accelleration of this trend is more than exponential and greatly disturbs me.
Welcome to Windows Palladium. Insert rectal probe to proceed.
Keep and eye out for this and you will soon see what I mean.
I installed another program for DVD recording and included in the package was an online backup program. Novabackup will backup your entire hard drive online. Secure? Oh yes. Why? Oh, because they said so. Please Lord, please take me now, I can't stand living amongst morons any longer!

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