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Default Re: Crypto/Masonic Jews

redrat11 wrote:

Well, well, looks like the Masonic Jew M.Thumbs changed his website, he had a OBVIOUS signature of a NWO Operative, a PYRAMID with a All-Seeing Eye, this is a tell-tell sign of a NWO/Masonic/Jew. But hey I reported this many moons ago. Keep up your guard.(I'm sure SEC is a Masonic Jew also) just look at his website and signature. Hmmmmm....(who else here is a Mystic/Gnostic NWO supporeter?) Not that it MATTERS, since no one reads this forum anymore!


Hmmmm, interesting???
Yes, keep up your guard from the Masonic Jew SEC, as reported by RedRat.

He is definitely causing great harm to the world!

In Peace,
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