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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Hi Ahmad,

Jesus was God from the beginning. In fact, the Bible says all things were made and are sustained by Him. Nobody could explain how God is one but manifested in three persons, but this is what is clear from the Bible. There are mysteries that only God understands, and this is one of them. This notion is so far above our understanding that we have to accept by faith what Jesus taught about it.
When Jesus came to earth, he was not created, for that would be impossible. He just came to live with us in a human body, living a perfect life without sin and becoming the perfect sacrifice to pay for the sins of men. Before that, He was in perfect union with the Father and the Spirit, and maintained communion while on earth thru prayer and obedience to the will of the Father. In Him, however, all the fullness of God was manifested. He never ceased to be God. The 3 persons of Trinity are totally in harmony in purpose, action and glory, so when you know Jesus, you get to know God in totality.
The Holy Spirit is also one of the persons of God and was sent as the consolator to inhabit the hearts of those who believe.

Since Muslims believe in Genesis, you can check:

1) Gen 1:1 - the Hebrew word for God is Elohim. This is a plural noun, but the verb is singular. This teaches that there is one God in a plurality.

2) Gen 1:26 - again God is spoken in plural, Elohim, but we know that God is one from other passages like De 6:4.

3) Gen 11: 7,8 - again God is spoken in plural and singular at the same time.

As someone said, if you try to understand the Trinity, you lose your mind, if you don`t believe in it, you lose your soul.
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