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You are being duped, or you are either the duper.

You continue to deny the obvious, which is Zionism's threat and assaults on humankind, this includes every area of life including the military ,commercial, pharmaceutical,religous, educational establishments. All these have been influenced by Zionist Power Lords.

You deny this basic fact because you are either Jewish, or you don't have the guts to speak the truth on this issue. Now before you accuse me of hate-mongering, when I speak of ZIONISM I mean Jews who revel in this sick idealogy that classifies other races besides the Jews as 'Goyim' or cattle. Even good Jews like Henry Makow speak of the insanity of Zionist and their world wide terror network controlling everything, but you seem to deny this fact, WHY?

And just in case you feel superior in your observations about the 'ILLUMINATI' even Makow has said that Zionism is behind that band of Criminals also, I'm not saying that Secret Societies don't exist and exert evil influence in the world also, I'm saying it's ZIONISM behind it all, you know like on TOP OF THE PYRAMID.Anyone who denies the facts are either mis-leading people or are part of the problem.

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