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Default Re: Recycled drinking water - mass medication ?

Following a post I made in this thread:

This is how it is done in the States. Personally, it has always sounded quite sickening to me. I could never understand how they would be able to purify this mess, especially with the use of chemicals.

When reference is made to the "tainting" of our food and water supply, chemicals always come to MY mind.

I would assume this speaks to the water supply, but not to the chemicals that they supposedly use to make it "healthy" for comsumption.

If the "synthetic" chemicals that humans excrete from their bodies cannot be filtered then we are ingesting waste materials not only from ourselves but everyone else. Flouride always came to mind as a pacifier, but chemicals were always a part of the "information" as well.

The label on a toothpaste container states that if you ingest more than you use to brush your teeth, call poison control.

As far as the food supply, the red and yellow dyes, soy, glucose, and there is something about white flour.

In Peace,

This is RedRat's interpretation as posted above by him.

Here again we find GUESS WHO? Yes, BA, here in this thread concerning possible goverment complicity in poisining the water and controlling acsess under the mantra of HOMELAND SECURITY she/he says that it's all a joke.

That's it's non-existant, that we should all feel safe and sound, that the HOMELAND-SECURITY-Department under the rulership of the 'Gliding Droids' has our best interest's at hand. Nothing to fear, the 'Droids' with their Million-year-Old Wisdom of the Universe will safely 'Guide' us to Eternal Bliss.

In Peace,

P.S. Oh, yes, here I am again posting in a thread on a forum. My, my, what a crime!

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