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Default Re: Crypto/Masonic Jews

Red Rat said:

"Well no, according to BA and the other stooges, it's ILLUMINATI Reptilian Droids that glide across the Castle floors, they magically control the entire world. They come every thousand years to give their information to "Freemasons", and remember The Masons, are good honest Folk, just like the Skull and Bonesman, you know that group of Jolly old Spoiled Bluebloods who take their orders from the "Gliding Reptilian Droids."

"These 'Gliding Droids' why there really our friends, we should embrace them, and take to their vast knowledge of Universal Truth, why after all, we Humans are so Inferior, we pollute the planet, we can't seem to get nothing right these days. Lets just all BOW-DOWN and worship our new found Masters of the Universe, we will all be in Bliss soon."

RedRat, of course, is purposely posting WHAT ARE NOT MY VIEWS OR OPINIONS.

I think we could classify this as DISINFORMATION. We already know who and what he is.

As stated previously, RedRat, and of which you are well aware, IGWT and LaDomino have reported on this forum that they have witnessed entities with dark eyes who appear to have a born-yesterday appearance and can glide across the floor.

According to LaDomino, they control the Illuminati, but the Illuminati are unaware of this.

According to IGWT, they glide similar to Michael Jackson, because some say they are possessed by demons.


In Peace,
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