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Default Why Go to Church If I Have God in My Heart ?

Question: Have We Become "Cattle" For "Illuminati" ? :-o :-o :-o

I don’t think “man” has lost his ways. The more we live, through the centuries, & the more time we’ve had to ponder upon the ideas, the more evolved, enlightened, & clear our thoughts become, & the fact that we’ve had more time to learn from the experiences of others that have come before us. However, I do think we have become “cattle” for the “Illuminati” & we have had our ways stolen by them. Secret knowledge is obviously kept secret to give the “gatekeepers” of that knowledge a “secret” advantage over the control & manipulation of society at large. If a particular piece of knowledge instead of enriching the life of 1 family, let’s say, it enriched all of society equally, then things wouldn’t be so expensive. All people would have more time to enjoy life. Most of us wouldn’t be working hard most of our life & then loose almost everything you worked for during the time that just 1 person was presiding. The world would be almost a paradise, literally. However, for that to happen, major changes would be required right at the top, where all of the secret knowledge is kept. Without getting into the details of that, we could conclude that the outcome would be, that many of those supper rich people would be in prison for major wrong doings, & the rest that didn’t end up in prison wouldn’t be so great any more. Because the consequence of “enlightenment” would void all of the “differences” that now exist & are created by the separation that exists between the “have-s” & the “have-not-s”. Then, the fact that “all men were created equal” would once again have the meaning that was intended when all men had a direct link to their source, God. We have digressed in some ways, but in the journey, we may have found ourselves again.
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