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Default Re: Toxic Workplaces


Describe the rat poison ?

I was employed at Gal Power Systems

It was an old transmitter station / tower no longer used.

Morris Gallick said they had to maintain power to the building and keep the diesel generator in working order to maintain the "aircraft warning lights" on the 200 foot tower.

Inside the station they had what would be considered "normal pest control" in place.

Plus what seemed to be an unusual amount of "rodent control equipment" placed all around the building.

I have been to countless remote transmitter stations.

There seemed to be a sticky chemical srayed in a thin layer on every part and everything on the inside of the transmitter station.

It had a sweet smell to it.

This happened August / September of 1999 I think.

I looked around and decided, "I can't work in here".

Gut instinct.

Morris Gallick spent no time in the building.

Shortly after this I wound up in the healthcare system for almost a year.

My health started failing towards the last part of 1997 at Harper Detroit Diesel having been poisoned at that time.

I just felt not well or a state of confusion when I try to remember back to that time.


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