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Default Re: Advertising/ Devil imagery: Dodge, Mopar

That Jesus was represented as a fish according to some sort of mystical interpretations of the early christians is a falsehood.</p>
here, I should point out again that Jesus is never referenced as a fish.<span style="">&nbsp;
</span>The fish was an iconographic symbol used by the early church to
communicate in the catacombs (this is well known).<span style="">&nbsp;
</span>“Fish” in Greek is spelled:
<p><i style="">
<img src="" border="0" height="283" width="433"></o>
<p><b><span style=""><i>When
Christians in the catacombs saw the fish sign scrawled,
they knew Christians were near or used that place.<span style="">&nbsp;
</span>They didn’t think, “hey, the sign of the fish god, Jesus.”<span style="">&nbsp;
</span>They read “Jesus Christ, God’s son, the Savior.”
<p>The above <a href="">was taken from here</a>, at the incredible site of <a href="">Michael Heiser</a> (who debunks Sitchin admirably).</p>

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