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Default Re: Crypto/Masonic Jews

NOLizardo said:

"If making an observation means that I'm "claiming to be an expert on things" then I have to question your reasoning. I do not claim you to be an expert simply because you made the observation regarding the "different writing styles", the explanation being simply that I was pissed on the Friday night when I wrote it and was having a bloody good laugh. You didn't address the comment I posted. This seems to be typical behaviour within these forums by those who have already have "been OUTTED" elsewhere, such as and others. The fact that I could well be more informed that you only think you are doesn't prevent you from acting out the superior role simply because you've been a member of this forum longer. It will become obvious in time when I see the information I lay out within these pages being either ignored, diverted or the topic being reduce to personal accusation who is to be "OUTTED". Works every time. Respect."

Like I said, you've made one post on this site, so your KNOWLEDGE regarding me and/or anything that has transpired on this site over the past few months is inconsequential.


As I've stated, no one on this forum cares who or what TB is and where he has been OUTTED.

The OBVIOUS is what I've LAYED out on these pages.

I do have a SUPERIOR role on this forum.

I see you like the word OUTTED.

In Peace,
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