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Default Re: The Story of Yetta Yidenstein (BA)

I'm not waitin' on a sunny day
or thinkin' we're gonna find a way
there's no tear drops from my eyes
or dark clouds over the rise

i can't chase your blues away
you decided on them the day you stayed
don't look to me to hold your beat
i've got my own without you
and the sound is sweet

i'm not comin' to stay
i'm not comin' at all
sure as the tickin' of the clock on the wall
my smile doesn't bring any light to your eyes
you live in the dark
a world full of lies

hard times well they came and they're gone
sure as the tickin' of the clock on the wall
i'm a drummer girl
and i keep a mean beat
against all odds i rise to defeat

when i'm out on the street
i walk the way i wanna walk
i talk the way i wanna talk

ain't nobody got my heart, my soul or control
cause i got my facts learned
and i got em' learned real good
just like you knew i would

In Peace,
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