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Default Re: The Story of Yetta Yidenstein (BA)

BlueAngel wrote:

If I had said any of what you posted, it would have read like this:

Your attempts to trigger SEXUAL PROGRAMMING on this site are futile now that I have escaped control of that famous musician who was my past handler/controller while a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch and used in the music industry as a sex slave.

I was free from the cult for decades, but when I awoke to the reality of my past, I found myself on HIS website in March, 2004 until December, 2005 where I was psychologically, mentally and emotionally abused.

Where the total and complete destruction of my life was their ultimate goal.

Where I was placed in altered states of consciousness, sexual programming triggered and disinformation "called up" as to his non-existent "heroic" role in my past.

Please refer to the "Mind Control within the Music Industry" Thread or the "MKULTRA/Project Monarch" Thread.

In Peace,


Thank Goodness the time frame I spent on his site was from March, 2004 until December, 2004.

Not as stated above, March, 2004 until March, 2005.

In Peace,
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