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Default Re: The Story of Yetta Yidenstein (BA)

BA( Yetta Yidenstein) Outted

Excuse me, I came to this site, when? Yesterday?

Don't claim to be an expert like me on anything that has transpired here between myself or any of the posters that have been OUTTED like me.

Or, you, my friend will find yourself in the same position as I am. On top.

We certainly don't need an interpretor for something that has already been recorded and proven wrong.
My father Yoself Yidenstein wrote:

"I was seeing that person on another from. donny dinkov was his name kept sayin that first ther are lizards then ses he is not. my mate rekons ther is cos hes seen 3 in his backyard. evryon thouth he was mad but when we seen that guy talking about them we freaked.donny dinkov is a simpsons fan as well. goes on a bit though. is he dead or sumthing? he was wierd. was asking for emails ov evryone creepy or what. what do you know about them lizards and stuff."

My Father was asked, why we had such different writing styles?

In Peace,
Yeta (BA)
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