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Default Re: The Story of Yetta Yidenstein (BA)


For some reason, you think this forum exists for My sole purpose of arguing with whomever about the Zionist role within the Illuminati of which I am a member.

It is a "fabricated" argument by me for whatever agenda I thought it would serve.

Although, you previously began a thread stating that Dr. Makow denies Zionist involvement, and I suggested you read my homepage, you now post a link for me to prove that he does not deny the Zionist involvement.

Although, I have previously stated that the Illuminati are comprised of Zionists (the upper class Jew, so to speak, as they would say), you continue to state that I deny this which I do not.

Your purposeful misquoting of me is to bolster an argument that does exist, but is secret.

In Peace,
Yetta (BA)

WE ALL KNOW about the Zionist role to a certain degree. However, the root of the problem does not only exist within our group. If you were to identify every Zionist who was involved, the problem would still be THERE!!!
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