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Default Re: Why American Women Are Big?

I have a controversial theory about this. Maybe the reason why American women are so fat is because of the depopulation agenda of the elite. We have a culture of eating a lot, and because of the great distances to get to work we spend a lot of time in our cars. Americans don't have the time to eat healthy, we go to the food market and either buy premade food, or we go to fast food place which takes little time. In a country where both the husband and wife need to work there is no time to cook nice meals, instead we opt for the hamburger. Since we eat so much fast food this is obviously going to make women fatter, AND LESS ATTRACTIVE!

less attractive women = lower birthrates

That is my silly theory. I do believe that the high cost of living these days is the will of the globalist elite. It is very difficult to support a family on a husband's income alone, so now women have to work as well. This has led to the death of the family and has countless negative effects on society. The death of the family has always been one of the goals of the satanic elite. What better way to destroy the family than making sure both parents have to work to support a family? and they no longer have a lot of time to raise their kids properly, so guess who does it for them? television, mtv, the corrupt school system and their fellow studens who have been influenced by mtv and such.

the globalist elite don't want us to be happy.

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