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BlueAngel wrote:
with my killer graces
and secret places that i never wanted any boy to fill
i've waited oh so long to sing this song
so don't expect for me to be sittin' still

well, that pact I made that you found engraved
waitin' for you on your window sill
left by a blue angel speaking all she knew
do you still have it in clear view

it was all your lies
your bogus alibis
and you knew it would never pay you well
so you were forced to sell
and you paid the price
and now in Satan's house you dwell

i was sent away, taught how to behave
came out as someone who
was filled with lies and crucified
practically burned right at the stake
I was afraid to walk
I was afraid to talk
afraid to look at my face

cause the scars were deep
and the memories unleashed
a painful living hell

but I do not weep for what I lost
but for all that I have gained
for my soul is strong and my soul is wise
and I have a family that cries
for what I survived

There is one thing that I know for sure
I did what I did to escape
imprisonment my whole life through
and my fate it rests in the palm of God's hands
and I know he'll see me through

In Peace,
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