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Default SILENCING the Children

"Remember, the social transformation could not succeed without general consent from the public--however uninformed that consent might be. And what strategy could better win support among the opposing forces than a friendly invitation to cooperate and seek "common ground"?"

American/NWO survey says... the kids are too smart - we need to dumb them down some more.

I've experienced most of what has been written. My kidsare 17, 12 and 5. Three different generations I'm watching through the school system.

How hard is it to teach reading and writing and arithmatics? They would have us believe it is impossible. Indoctrination comes first - learning is almost a sidebar.

My Canadian government is nazi by nature and devilish in their tactics. This is what I am teaching my children. That and to think for themselves.

Math teaches logic and reason and language is necessary to communicate. Is it sex crazy borg drones they are trying to create out of our children??? No need to talk, no need to think, just fcuk and be fcuked while you make the donuts and give your pimp - the government, 1/2 your earnings in taxes and promise them the souls of your own flesh and blood.

People are so brainwashed already. What's it gonna be like in the future world of my children, now the bastids are starting the process of programming earlier and marching in a definitely wrong direction?

That's why Tony Bliar wanted the four year olds in school. Indoctrination. That's why Premiere Hamm is destroying the French Immersion program in Nova Scotia. They still actually teach the children as the parents are very heavily involved in the program and care a lot!

These bastards are attempting to deny the future generations of the world a good education. It's a perverts dream - that is their true intention of what they plan to create for our children.

Wake the FCUK up parents

Excellant post!
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