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Default Re: Why American Women Are Big?

That's a sound theory to me and quite a bit of home truth.

My pet theory...

Women are no longer in tune with their instincts or with nature.

Stressy modern women don't fall pregnant easy. Why can't so many modern women fall pregant? Why so much infertility treatment?

Is it diet induced and/or an inhospitable situation for a baby? What does that say?

When animals so instintively nurture their young, what happened to human mothers??? Do they no longer hold those instincts within their genetic make-up?

There is nothing fiercer in nature, than a mother protecting her young. What happened to human mothers? Most have been duped to dump their kids off at the daycare and go earn some all important MONEY. It's good for the babies to learn to socialize, is all I hear.

In my mind, that's a long day for a little kiddie. And only mum is mum and home is home. The rest is strange places and strange faces if care is not given by family or very close friends.

I believe daycare teaches mums and children to dis-associate. Daycare helps to break the bond between mother and child, as young as possible, releasing responsibility of parenting onto a usually poorly paid individual.

I sense a very real threat called Canadian corruption. They are a threat to me and my children but they are nowhere near the threat, I pose to them. I am that threat by the virtue of my nature - I'm a good mum.

How many principals must I lock horns with???

When will people wake up?

Where are the true mothers of this society? Not feminazi's - real women willing to acknowledge and fight for their right to freedom from threat towards their children?

A thought just crossed my mind - they don't acknowledge the threat because they don't acknowledge their children... sad but true.
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