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Default Re: SILENCING the Children

Thanks 55132, you too Mary.
As a single woman, no children I've observed exactly what you are saying. (BTW, because I am single/no children doesn't mean I don't have concerns).
I've taken notice to that children even as young as the daycare centers (age 4) go out into the world which is made to make them feel like "this is for you, this is what you need, need to know, need to do", "you are ours", "with us you are safe". The rest, such as your family and home is JUST that, a place for shelter, food, shower,and babysitter until the NEXT day where you get back out into the "real" world that owns you and tells you what to do. And in sadness I say, children today do not look to the parent(s) anymore. It's almost like there is no value/respect towards the parent by the child. It's whatever "THEY" in this world tell them. They feel secure with "THEM", not their family. Very sad.
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