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LaDominio wrote:
I don’t understand then how the parents or family members of these marines formulate any good reasoning for them to be there - as they are 'protecting the country', but at the same time, 'the country' treats its people like farm animals.

The article is about how the government treats service men and women who are wounded in battle. You state, "I don't understand then how the parents or family members of these marines formulate any good reasoning for them to be there." Why would you think families and parents formulate a good reason for MARINES to be there? They were sent there by our government. Do you not understand public opinion regarding this war or how the military/government operates? Apparently, not. You also believe they're protecting our country. Again, you do not understand the reason for 911 and the purpose of this war. You also state that the country treats its' people like farm animals. Again, you don't understand that the government treats its' people like farm animals.

Something I always remind myself at these times – people are masters in the art of fabricated reasoning – internal excuses – self created synthetic motives spawned from the fertile, radioactive sludge ‘insanity’. Yes people can justify anything. Result of inflated egos perceived as core self. Such lies…

The government are the masters at deceit. Yes, they fabricated reasons for this war Yes, they are insane. No, people can't justify anything. The government attempts to justify all that they do that is UNJUST, but it still cannot be justified. Yes, they are LIARS.

And this 'serve and protect' mantra is bought readily by the public. But what are they doing?
Protection - how can you protect your country while in another?
Pre-emptive war?
If America had retreated from Vietnam, do you think they would be chased back to American soil? Of course not.

You state, "the serve and protect mantra is bought readily by the public." Again, you must not understand public opinion or the view that most people have about this war. They don't protect our country or US. Again, you are confused. Think 911. Perfect example.

Do these misguided American gunmen actually think ‘terrorism’ can be smote by the sword of war? If anything, America may have created ‘actual’ terrorist cells against them - yes real ones. But in truth, the Iraqi people would probably rejoice and cry and relax if the Americans left. Most of them would go back to their shops and jobs and get on with life to feed their families.

You state, "these misguided American gunmen actually think "terrorism" can be smote by the sword of war?" Do you not understand that military men and women are used as their killing machines and serve THEM. When they are called to do their duty, do you think they have a choice? You are confused. America creates terrorist cells. Not "may have." What do you think Al Qaeda is? Iraqi people will rejoice, but to think they'll go about their lives as usual is ridiculous. They're country, their lives have been blown to pieces.

There will always be terrorism so long as there is lots of people, violence, ego and conflicting ideologies.
Some how America managed to twist the public perception on terrorism. Every country in the world commits terrorism. America funds some of it even. For some reason, terrorist attacks on U.S. soil is perceived as PURE EVIL, when the same atrocities elsewhere are just ‘life – right? Its bad but what can ya' do?’
I guess Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn’t so bad because it wasn’t American innocents who were melted alive.
Why are the Americans such ignorant, emotional, paranoid, violent brats? Social engineering.

911 was the greatest act of terrorism this world has seen. Our government attacked us and yes it was pure evil.

The same day of the British subway bombings when 52 died, a school of over 100 women and children in central Africa was burnt alive by a rebel group. And that didn’t even make the news. Hey, fuck it, its just Africa right?
I know Africa well Ive been here for 10 years. African people are no different. I’ve met some strong spirited individuals living in Hillbrow (which has the highest concentration of crime in the world), who manage optimism despite living in a city comparative to hell. Given their circumstances, many good souls come from the iniquity and poverty of the African society. Resilience and courage that is unheard of in the western world.
I’ve been to China. The people are no different.
Yes there are cultural differences of course, but people are people.
What makes Americans special? Nothing they are no different - and culturally worse off. What makes them stand out - they are riddled with fear.

Of course the powers that be don't care what happens in Africa or any other country for that matter. 911 was dramatic to serve their purpose.

Wait... Why did America attack Iraq anyway? I think most people forgot, and in their minds substitute the gap with the ‘terrorism, terrorist, evil, WMD’s’ and they hear it in the Hicksville voice of George W Bush.
And serving - They serve the powerful and corrupt. Nothing else. They are doing no good at all.

Most people haven't forgotten that Iraq was invaded based on lies. In fact, more people are aware of this now. Our military is used to serve the powerful and corrupt.

In the unlikely event that an American starts thinking this way, they could always blast you with patriotism gas.

Patriotism gas, you say. We've already experienced that and the fog has lifted.
In Peace,

Again, this article was about the way that our men and women in the military are treated by our government when wounded in battle and LaDomino has injected it with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
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