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You have misperceived what I wrote because your criticism is invalid. I do understand.

An example - when I say 'protecting the country', notice how I emphasized it with a ‘sarcasm’ ‘or so it goes’ and not as what I believe to be true. I understand how there might be some misunderstanding.

Us and them. Each human is in the same boat and can be subject to the same corruption. The issue isn’t the vile governments or the individuals perpetuating these dark times – the issue is within each human. The flaw can be found within. If we remove the 'most flawed' and most corrupted, others will take their place.

Once this flaw is corrected, one can then act to correct it on a broad scale, and to show others what it is and how it is done. This has been the goal of spiritual teachers of eons, but people have failed to listen. Are people’s ears flawed too? Do they hear only what they want to hear? I think this may be so.

Desire drives the life of each person, and any information that is hindering to the eventual attaining of whatever perceived desire - is almost always omitted – because people have become liars to themselves, and cowards to truth.
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