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Default Re: SILENCING the Children

B.F. Skinner. I had to study the twisted thoughts of that madman in a required college course entitled "Values".

Anyway, picking up the theme of Mary's post I have a story.

Some years ago I had a scheduled hair appointment. I showed up a couple minutes early but the hair queen was running late, as usual. This time it was because a wife decided to stop in where the husband was and have the queen do her too.

The hubby gets off work, picks up the chitlin' at daycare and arrives for his appointment. The wife comes in soon after and thinks, since we're here it's all good.

So while I'm waiting, I've gathered in the situation and am watching the little chitlin trying to get the attention of her parents. Failing on the second attempt she decides to see if she can get it from me.

As much as I wanted to see the parents come to harm, I couldn't turn the daughter away. Then I got an idea. I told the little chiltlin I had something in my car she would like. The hair queen gave me a look.

I went and grabbed a polaroid instant camera. I took the little chiltlin's pic and handed it to her. It was black and she looked at me puzzled. I told her, "keep looking and you'll see it. You should have see the look on her face when she saw herself appear in the photo. Unrestrained joy, pride in accomplishment, one happy little chick.

I don't like to have my pic taken, just a thing, but I handed her the camera and had her take it. Come on, at four they can figure out -- look through here and push this -- .

Then I sicked her on her dum bass so called parents. "Now, go take a picture of your mom and dad."

... to make a long short ... when shamed, yuppy scum can be made to be attentive parents.
We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

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