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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Nova Scotia

Peace be unto you,

"I don`t understand why you criticize the Shiites who flog themselves in Iraqi. Since Islam is a religion where salvation is earned by works, isn`t this flogging a great work of obedience ?"

The Islam of today has been subverted from the original message of Muhammad (which is the final stage of Submission, the religion of Abraham), his message was Quran alone. 200 years after his death satanic fabrications called "Hadith" (Sayings falsely attributed to Muhammad) started appearing, now the "muslims" follow these books instead of Quran. The Shiites have their own books of "Hadith" and the Sunnis have other books, and that's why they are always fighting. Therefore these rituals are derived from another source than God and His Quran, it is obedience to Satan .

"I know you don`t accept the forgiveness thru the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. Therefore, I have a question : how do you ever know how much work or obedience or prayers, or knowledge (this goes to the gnostics too) is ENOUGH to get you to heaven ?"

The matter is clear and simple, there are no mysteries or vague ideas (e.g:trinity). Every individual can redeem him or herself by applying a simple statement in his life: "There is no god except God".

First we have to disbelieve in the idea of "inherent" powers in things and people, thus all the knowledge of the prophets, messengers, saints and sages were from God, not from them, therefore there is no need to idolize them.

Same applies to material things and people, Satan binds us in slavery through the extreme attachment (whether repulsion or attraction, e.g: obsessions, phobias, hates and addictions).

He does that to distract us from God, once we liberate ourselves from these bonds and begin to see the reality from the illusion and start remembering and establishing the real bond with God, the Most Merciful will forgive us and admit us back to Heaven.

As simple as that, however most people prefer depending on things and people instead of God and that is what makes their lives miserable and unsatisfying because the creatures are unable by themselves to grant any harm or benefit.

"Are you sure you will be with God when you die ? Why ?"

If i guarantee Heaven to myself, what would be the reason of living!, the real "Jihaad" is to strive and overcome our temptations, to fight evil and stand for our rights, to resist our sinful lusts and distractions, and it's a continous process that goes on for life.

"Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will recieve the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him." James 1:12
God\'s alternative, USN

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