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Default Re: How near till the end?

Thumper wrote:
how do you think they'll usher in the Mark of the Beast?

will it just be an extension of National ID cards?
I feel that the Mark of the Beast and reign of The Beast was welcomed through the happenings of 9/11, welcomed by THEM that will now expose even more to us all of the ways they will control us.

Some people (into astrology and numerology)believe that the number 11 signifies Mastery and Spiritual Inheritance = Light Bearer. Some believe the 11 stands for the light within us. However, like other things we come across in life, you can see double meanings. Depends on who's who and what they want it to mean. So with the twin towers symbolizing the Master number 11, it was a message sent to the new god. An offering. I started doing some research years ago into symbolism and messaging.

also, check out
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