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Default 9/11 WAS an inside job

Come on its about time people awoke to the BIGGEST conspiracy of mankind.

The WTC never collapsed due to what the official story has told the globe - this is because its impossible. It cannot be proved, it will not be proved and the only thing that can is what they are hiding.

Alot of people are questioning me and others for proof of 9/11 being an inside job - which is understandable - IT IS BIZARRE.

So i have made this thread specifically for proof, and proof only.

This is my first video which prooves that explosions are occurring in the North Tower, at the precise moment the south tower was struck, which means they happened in the north tower AFTER it had been hit with the boeing. The people that can be seen jumping, are they jumping to suicide or were they blown out of the windows they were breathing out of when the explosion took place? I know if i was in that situation, i would try making a parachute out of a shirt before i jumped and thats not even funny. So why all the jumping people, smokey stairwells are a hell of alot better than jumping to certain death.


There are alot of other interesting things on there as well ^^^.

Oh and if i could get bush and other government tyrants to put it on paper and sign it, it would have been done years ago. The evidence is being destroyed more every day, i know if i did something like this i would be VERY paranoid and make sure i didnt get caught - dont let them get away with it.

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