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Default Re: The "Mystery" Movie

O.K. Since all of the others have gone away.. With all their bright ideas.. I will come back to the original idea.. A stage/screenplay about a conspiracy website.. It will be a musical.. I have infinite patience and will continue the project.. Even if I am all alone..

My sound card is not ready yet to do the recordings.. But I will be keeping a profile on the main players.. and I will invent characters too...

The plot will be .. A bunch of conspiracy theorists from a website go to an annual get together and get put in something like Gitmo.. for rejecting the state sponsored news.

I have been busy researching neocon websites...

I want to write the new "Hair".. In order to change the American population's opinions on pre emptive wars.. and the NWO in general... I don't mind being alone.. I will use this thread for the above purposes... If you want to help without distracting from the end product.. I can use your input.

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