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Default Re: We need to unite

The important thing is that we are prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder when the decisive moment arrives, for example when the elite start micro-chipping us all.

Micro-chipping the whole world will be a piece
of cake for the NWO. These people KNOW what
they are doing and have EXCELLED in selling the world BS for centuries.

They test market everything before a mass roll
out takes place.

For example in Mexico, to be permitted to join
the most exclusive branch of government you
HAVE to take the chip. Because the positions
are extremely desirable, taking the chip is seen
as a very desirable event.

Eventually they will require this if you
want to work for the government period ... then
the best companies then if you want to work
at all.

Slowly but surely everybody will be ensnared
in the web.
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