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from the above link:

" One month later Reuters carried a related and interesting item published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Harvard researcher Gerhard Scheuch stated that nasal inhalation of a simple saline spray can stop the flu virus and tuberculosis dead in their tracks. For reasons perhaps best known to Merck and others, this potentially life-saving information did not receive wide distribution in the popular press."

The scare du jour at least in Canada is the World Health Organization yelling Fire about the avian flu thing. Normally health authorities don't like to scare the public, often witholding important information so as not to create a panic.

From two links in this thread and another recent one on Chemtrails it seems possible, and likely that we are being kept in the dark about real causes of pandemics, and possible cures for respiratory infection. The birds that have been killed by the flu were possibly sprayed with poison before they died, as shown on TV. Whether the poison precipitated the disease...?

And then the vaccine element. Smallpox vaccines being prepared for all of North America have been front page news, for terrorism preparedness. Considering that smallpox vaccines may have been a war crime in the first place (see first link in this thread), I would be reticent to take an avian flu shot if the WHO successfully gets a pandemic.
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