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Default Re: Prediction: Massive Earthquakes To Hit The USA

Decoding The Universe ??? – :-o :-o :-o

The good news is of course, we still have California & no major catastrophes happened, however, the information was derived from a “dream’s interpretation”. I have had myself dream messages that came to fruition, but I understand that usually, dream messages are also, "encoded messages", where for example an “earthquake” might mean a “shake up” of some sort, but not literally. For example, many years ago I had quit a company to work for another one in a different capacity, however, I keept in touch w/ a few friends in there. One of them, she was more of a “new age, psychic, & a spiritualist,” so we usually talked about those things. One time "I had a dream" where "I literally experienced an earthquake" inside a shopping mall where she happened to be sitting nearby. In the dream I knew we had to get out, so I kind of grabbed her by the hand I told her that it was all going to come down, so we better head-out for the exit. She did listen & we got out before the entire place fell down. I also had other dreams where I saw the managers of the company as very tall people w/ small heads, & they were actually the ones filling up the boxes w/ the stuff that was going to be moved out of there, since they were closing operations. My “gut feeling” interpretation of that was, that the company, she was still working for, was heading for a shutdown, the managers were well aware of, & that I was warning her to get out before that happened. Well, they did have more layoffs, since the ones that I experienced when I was still working for them, & they reduced operations tremendously. She managed to stay there until it was more convenient for her to go elsewhere, & eventually they did dissolve into another company all together. The original company was non-existent.

A few years later, I happened to have been in California for about 1 year, & I did experience an earthquake, my first one, inside a shopping mall. I was just about to get myself some lunch while on the 2nd floor, when the entire mall started shaking back & forth. Everything was swinging but nothing fell down or broke. I was really impressed w/ the construction & architecture of the mall. Within a half an hour most of the customers were gone, except of course me, & a few other people who thought that the danger had already past. I ate my lunch & wondered around some more. Somehow I didn’t feel that there was any more danger ahead, & nothing else happened.

So, going back to dreams interpretation, I did start analyzing my dreams w/ the help of dream dictionaries & an active mind, where you try your best to see how the messages, & what they mean relate to your own experiences. It is a tricky ordeal, but if you do it right you can get some insight into what the actual messages means.

So, looking into this particular thread, where someone had a "dream" & it was "interpreted" to mean "a major catastrophe to the West coast of the US", perhaps their interpretation was faulty, & we can now say that it was. For example, I was never convinced that the “1:23” meant “February 23”, since “1” would actually mean “January”, unless you were looking a computer array, where the first element is usually “0” (zero). But they were looking at an alarm “clock” where you never see a “0” to represent the “hours”, like hour “zero”. Anyhow, that’s usually where you go wrong, when you try to use your mind to give something meaning by rational deduction. In other words, in dreams, more often than not, a “gut feeling” seems to be much more accurate than a bunch of people getting the information & trying to “rationalize” the information.

Ok, so looking forward, I do agree that we might be heading for a disaster, not that I welcome it, but it is better to be prepared, at least psychologically (& spiritually).

I read the following article w/ an open mind. I do believe in God & that a much superior entity & w/ an instantaneous universal reach has influence over all of creation & feeds our beings constantly. I had never before read anything related to the Quran. I didn’t personally know anything about it. According to their interpretation of the numerology & mathematical relationships contained there, they seem to have “decoded” (given meaning to) the messages to imply that the date of this “earthquake” is “encoded” in the “Quran.” By the way, those of you who are aware, also realize that the “Bible” has also been “decoded” w/ computers.

Coming from a Catholic/Christian background, I have always been taught, that “no one will know the day or the hour”. The “decoding” of the Quran is also, an “interpretation”, where again, "rationalization" might not work, such as it doesn’t when "interpreting dreams". Giving “numerical relationships” “meanings”, is the same as “rationally” interpreting what those relationships imply. So, without doubting what “ahmad” feels is “true,” this link shows you how they or someone has “decoded” the “date & time” of this major event,…

The Quake – 119 America

Let there be Peace on Earth…
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