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Default Re: Seeking mkultra Babes!.

Ozziecynic wrote:
Two fine specimens of very SICK individuals.
8-) BA: Comon I know you love it honey why else would waste so much time here telling us wonderful strangers your raunchy life story under erotic sexual encounters with dominatrix males.Dont you realise discretion is the first part of valour in PR with complete strangers!.
Youve become fair game due to your own bimbonic actions!.

Besides i ve always thought cc having a Singles section was THE most corny thing about this forum. I mean ofcause it would be way for mukultra types to get a date or intimate encounter no other type of ordinary man or women would search for dates in here get grip on reality!.

So i thought i may as well make use of it and fuck around a little and whos the most obvious female target you ofcause!. :-P
This poster, OZZIE, thinks that the Mind Control and the Music Industry thread contains erotic sexual encounters with dominatrix males.

He also states that I've become fair game because I'm writing here about my prior mind control victimization.

He also states this would be a way for mkultra types to get a date or intimate encounter no other type of ordinary man or woman would search for dates.

This delusional poster, OZZIE, considers that what I'm writing about regarding mind control within the music industry is all about getting a date.

He also considers that I'm a female target.

What a complete and utter waste of a human being.

He provides a perfect example of how SLAVES within the cult are treated.

In Peace,
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