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Default Re: Seeking mkultra Babes!.

Ozziecynic wrote:
That speaks to whom and what you are.
8-) Well youve had atleast over a thousand posts going into explicit detail about your bedroom exploits not that any of us asked to have all your tawdry underwear stories dumped on us, kind of like a two year old kid dumps on a pre school floor before toilet training, not to mention another thousand or so posts to add to that grand tally under the alias marypoppins!.

You seem to enjoy it theres no doubt in my mind! I am merely trying to cheer the place up by saving it from your bland manic depresssive episodes which all involve some melodramatic tale of debauch sexuality which are bringing us all down and frankly making me want to puke every time i visit this forum!.

So i thought i was merely appealing to your forte and skills in my thread opener however, now it appears you simply want to deny your usual sleazy ramblings by coming on all sanctimonous with me as though you became a born again puritan overnight,yeah Right :-D :-P
Ozzie states that all of my posts go into explicit detail about my bedroom exploits. This poster is delusional or just lying through his teeth. Perhaps both.

Since this is not the case, he continues saying that I simply want to deny my usual sleazy ramblings (he finds the subject of mind control to be sleazy ramblings and not of any importance) by coming on all sanctimonious with HIM as though I became a born again puritan overnight, yeah Right.

What Ozzie is doing in the second paragraph above is referring to the sleaze that is prevalant within the music industry, the "satanic cult," MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

Knowing this and knowing that I was subjected to this, he continues by saying that now I want to deny THIS fact of my past and come on all sanctimonious with him as though I became a born again puritan.

They simply don't seem to understand that I escaped from the cult decades ago and have been married for 25 years.

They are a part of the sleaze that I left behind.

In Peace,
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