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Default Re: Seeking mkultra Babes!.

BlueAngel wrote:
Ozzie wrote:

"Any mkultra sex bots want to teach their kinky sex techniques they learnt under brain washing message me ie Blue Angel come get me baby!!"

This is typical behavior of those within the cult. Doesn't matter how much abuse a victim suffers, they treat it like a joke.

Sounds to me as if Ozzie is in an altered state of consciousness and/or a "sadistic pig."

Most people with an ounce of intelligence and those who are not a part of the cult would not behave in this manner.

Those who are a part of the cult, attempting to protect the cult and/or this famous musician who was my handler/controller would behave in this manner.

I have discussed this matter extensively with my husband and he has NEVER treated this issue with the disrespect that all of the frauds on this site have.

WE know who and what they are and the reason for their immoral actions.

In Peace,
I wont even bother with the "Get help" comment here.
What in heaven are you on about?
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